Golf Ball Drinking Game

At a kegger, or a party where beer is being consumed out of plastic cups, one person starts out carrying around a golf ball. When he/she, in a stealth like manner drops the golfball in another person's cup, that person must chug the rest of his/her beer. Then, it is that person's job to pass on the golf ball to the next victim.

This is tons of fun and can go on all night. The key is to drop the ball in a cup that is fresh from the keg and full, or in some loser's cup who has been nursing his/her beer all night and will be forced to chug a full glass of viciously warm froth. It's also fun to pick on one person the entire night so he/she gets totally fucked up. Try this one, and you'll be surprised at how many people will be walking around with one hand over their glass. Be sneaky and good luck!

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