Golf Drinking Game

Everyone gets 4 cards but they can't look at them. When the dealer is done giving everyone their cards he will put the rest of the cards in the middle of the table and turn the top one over. You may then look at one of your cards but you can only look at that card once. The object of the game is to get the lowest hand possible. Face cards are 10 and Aces are 1.

The dealer will start by either drawing off the top of the deck or off the discard pile. If he gets a low card then he can trade it for one of his cards but he doesn't know what he has so he has to guess except for the one card he has looked at.

After he discards, whichever card that he picks, the next person can either take his card or draw off the top of the deck and so on. When someone thinks they have the lowest hand they yell "golf" on their turn. After that everyone gets one more turn and then they have to flip their cards over.

Everybody adds all their cards up and the one with lowest hand wins. Everybody else has to drink for how ever long their cards say. For example if you got a 14 the winner will start counting for how SLOW OR FAST that he chooses. When he reaches my number 14 then you can quit drinking. Whoever had the highest hand is the last one to stop drinking.

If the person who called golf looses their hand then their hand doubles. After that you play again. If two or more people tie then they would have to draw out of the deck of cards to see who gets the lowest. That person would be the winner.

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