Good, Bad, and the Ugly Drinking Game

Now the dealer has three piles, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The dealer sets a card in the good pile. If it is one of your cards, give it to someone else at the table and they have to drink one. Now you want to have the least amount of cards, becaue whoever has the most cards at the end of the game has to ride the bus! The dealer then places a card in the bad pile. If you have that card, drink one. Then the dealer sets a card in the ugly pile. If you have that card, you drink face value. Now the dealer repeats the process untill all the cards in the deck are finished. The person with the most cards rides the bus. (usually we like to try to get a tie for the most cards so more than one person has to ride the bus).
To ride the bus, the dealer gathers all the cards, shuffles and deals out 10 cards face down. the dealer then takes the 10 cards and starts flipping them over. If he draws either a Jack, Queen, King, or Ace, the person has to drink the amount, depending on the card. Jack is 1, Queen is 2, king is 3, and ace is 4. Now if you flip one of these over, lets say its a King, then the person drink 3 and you take 3 cards off the deck of cards. You flip all the cards over untill they are all gone. But remember to take cards off the other pile everytime it is one of those cards. When all the cards are gone the person can stop drinking and you play the game again.

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