Grand Larceny Drinking Game

This is a simple game. You shuffle the deck and draw a card. If the card is a 10 then you drink 10, if it is a 2 you drink 2 and so on for all numbered cards. If you draw a face card, it doubles the amount to the next player, 10 becomes 20 and so on. If the next player draws a face card it triples the amount to the next player and so on. Spades are a pass card. For example if it is 4x's the amount to you and you draw a spade, it passes that 4x's to the next player.

Here is where the game becomes real fun. You may and are encourged to fix the deck when ever anyone leaves the table. To help counter this action you may call for a cut of the deck anytime you want. This may save you if you remember to as soon as you return to the table. The record for the most drinks is 100 held by jonboy. See if you can help make someone break this mark! Once you run through the deck shuffle it and and go again until you've had enough.lts.

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