HAPLO Drinking Game

Of the cards, each number has a certain rule. Everyone takes turns picking up one card and doing whatever the rule is.


Ace = Chug Train (The player who picks this card
begins to drink and then the player to
their left starts to drink and so on. One
can not stop drinking until the person
before them has stopped. The last player
has the short end of the stick for this one

2 = Rock Paper Scissors (all players play a
rock paper scissors game. Each person counts
how many of their choice there are e.g 3
people chose rock so those 3 people take 3

3 = Red Black (a red 3 all the girls take 3
drinks. A black 3 all the boys take 3 drinks)

4 = Fuck You Asshole (after a countdown, all
players point to another player and say "fuck
you asshole". How many fingers you have
pointing at you is how many drinks you take

5 = Rule (The player makes a rule, that applies
to everyone, and the rules stays till the end
of the game. There must be a consequence if
someone does not follow the rule e.g 4 drinks
A rule could be, make a name to the person on
your right, can't say words with the letter t

6 = Spin the Bottle (spin an empty bottle and
whoever it lands on has to chug/funnel

7 = Word Ass. (the chooser says a word and the
person to their left has to say a word that
relates to it, than the next person says a
word that relates to THAT word.
e.g. tree, bark, dog, cat, whiskers

8 = Give & Take (give 8 drinks, no more than half
to one person then take another card)

9 = Bathroom Card (this card allows you to go to
the bathroom at your own will. If you don't
have one you can't go)

10 = Give 10 (give 10 drinks, no more than half
to one person)

Jack = 21 (starting withe the card chooser all
players, after a countdown, put out as
many fingers as they want. Starting from
the chooser, count the fingers until you
count 21. Whoever has the 21st finger has
to take 3 drinks

Queen = Beer Bitch (the player chooses someone to
be their bitch and that player has to
drink whenever the chooser has to plus
their own e.g 3 drinks for choosing a
black three plus another 3 because the
chooser is a male as well. The chooser
still has to take their drinks too though

King = Beer Slut (the player chooses someone to
be their slut and this player has to get
that person a beer/drink whenever the
person asks)

Joker = Funnel

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