High, Low, Red, Black Drinking Game

the dealer turns to the person to their left and asks..
"High, low, red, black?"High being anything higher than a 7
Low being anything 7 and lower
and black and red are well the blacks and the reds.
anyways the dealer asks and the person to the left has to guess which is is.
If he is right the card is laid on the table and the question goes to the next player.
If he's wrong he has to take a drink.

The catch is: if the player gets it right and the card is put face up on the table that is an added drink. So lets say.. three people in front of you got it right. There would be three cards face up on the table right? Well you get your next card wrong, so not only do you have to take your drink.. but you also have to drink as many cards as there are on the table.

This works best with shots.. but you can drink whatever you like.
The first time I ever got smashed was off this game. Have fun and get drunk!

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