Hockey Drinking Game

The buzz factor varies on this game depending on how ruthless you want to get. To start you need teams of 2 people each. So you basically have an even number of players and you sit across from your partner. The three of clubs leads. The next player then tries to match the number of the previously played card.

If there is no match play continues until the cards match. The person who pays the matching card and their partner then make the losing team drink. Each person on the winning team picks a person on the losing team to "knock" for. Each person on the losing team drinks until their corresponding person knocks for them. Then the person after whoever played the last card leads off until all the cards have been played.

Eights and jacks are free cards. When an eight or jack is played regardless of whether the next person matches it you are safe and do not have to drink. Also you have to play two games - where the second game the cards are played in the opposite direction so the teams get a chance to get back at whoever was knocking for them in the first round.


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