In Between the Sheets Drinking Game

First choose a dealer, that person goes first. The dealer lays down two cards side by side but leaving an empty space in between them (for another card). The person who's turn it is guesses if the next card is going to be in between the two or not. If they say yes, the dealer places the card in between the two. If it ends up falling in between those two cards, that person tells someone of their choice to drink. If not, that person has to drink.

Example: The dealer lays down two cards. The first is a King and the second is a three. Player 1 says "yes" and the dealer lays a card in between the three and the King. That card is a ten, Player 1 then tells a player of their choice to drink because ten falls in between a three and a King.

The player who was chosen to drink is then the next to go. If the card isn't between the two cards then the player must drink.

If a player says "no" then they drink if they are wrong, otherwise they make someone else drink. Decide how much a "drink" is before starting. Have fun!

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