Indian or Bongo Drinking Game

"Many Moons" -- Make two fists, put the back of your hands together, and wiggle them to look like ass cheeks.
You get the idea...

Everybody sits around the table and softly drums the top of the table like bongo drums. After a couple seconds, the starter (chosen at random) says:
"What's the name of this game?"Everyone answers: "Indian!"Then the starter asks a question. It has to be worded differently each time. The answer, shouted by the other players, always has to be "To get Fucked Up!" Sample questions:
Why are we here
Why are we doing this
What's the frequency
What is the reason
Why are we drinking
Etc. etc.

If you repeat a question exactly you get a "difbis," which is the pronounciation for DFBS, or Drink For Being Stupid. Many other difbis reasons exist.

Anyway, now we're started. Everybody keeps drumming on the table. The starter makes his/her Indian sign (do not say the name), then quickly does someone else's. For instance, if I'm the starter and I'm "pregnant squaw," I would do the pregnant squaw sign and then, say, the "Many Moons" sign.
Then, the "Many Moons" person has a second or two to do his/her sign, then somebody else's right after. No going back to the person who called on you. You have to pick a third person.

This keeps going till someone screws up. They must drink the number of seconds that match with the number of correct players that round (eight people called on including the starter, eight seconds). Then it starts over, with the loser as the starter.

Repeat until unconscious.

Additional difbis rules are optional. No pointing (use elbows), No players' names, No touching alcohol (cups, bottles, etc.) with left hand, no calling on any player with her shirt off, no leaving the table to pee, whatever else you dream of. Difbis can call for shots instead of beer if you wish. Also you can have rules added one at a time: If a player loses three straight times, the person who called on him/her the third time gets to make a rule.

It's fun to go as fast as possible with the signs, to look away from the person to fake them out when giving their sign, to goad somebody into a difbis, etc.

Also you can have side bets on who's going to screw up the round. Sometimes people will screw up on purpose to make someone lose the bet.

This game really, really works.

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