Irish Roulette Drinking Game

1) everyone starts off by pouring a shot for himself/herself.

2)All players count to 3 and then roll their own die, the player with the lowest number has to take their shot.

3) In the event that two or more players have the same number rolled AND they are both the lowest number rolled then those players must yell "Shotgun" - the last player to do so has to take the shot.

4) In the event that a person has rolled the same number as someone else but it IS NOT the lowest number rolled by all players but they stupidly yell out "Shotgun" then that person (or persons if more than one person makes the mistake) AND the person who rolls the lowest number all have to take a shot.
(Example, 3 people playing - 2 people roll 5's and the other rolls a 3 and one of the people who rolled 5 yells shotgun, that person plus the person who rolled 3 must take a shot)

5) On round 5 (AKA The Death Round) you go 1 person at a time, whoever's turn it is has to say ODD or EVEN, if they roll the opposite of what they called then they take their shot.

*** Most people decide to take a shot on the 10th round regardless, because lets face it, who wants their shot to go to waste?

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