Killer Drinking Game

Up to 20 people can play. Start off with everyone throwing a dart with the opposite of their throwing arm. What ever number they hit is their number for the rest of the game. You then switch back to your natural throw.

Now the players try to hit their one number until they add up to 7 points. A double is worth 2 and a triple, 3. After they reach 7 they can go after other people's numbers. Everytime they hit an opponent's number they give them that many drinks and take away that many of the opponent's points. Doubles and triples count here too. If the opponent goes into the negative and can't pull themself out on their next turn they have to slam the remainder of their drink and then they are out of the game.

You can't go after other people until after you reach 7 points. If someone hits a bull they can either give themself two points if they need it or give two drinks to whoever they want. If a dart misses the circle or the board altogether than that person must take a drink and loses a point.lts. College students love beer.

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