King's Cup Eastern Variation Drinking Game

2. Any color card 7-9 you may distribute how you please to any of the other players.
3. 10 is a rule. Any rule will do, and anyone who breaks it must drink. The rule will hold until the next 10 is drawn and a new rule is made.
4. Jacks are rhymes. The player who drew the Jack must say a word that can easily be rhymed with (when one is feeling tipsy, magnesium is quite difficult to rhyme with). The player who will draw next must come up with a word to rhyme with the said word, and so on until someone cannot think of a word or a word is repeated. Then that player must drink.
5. Queens are questions. The player who was drawn the queen must look someone in the face and ask a question. Whoever they asked the question to must then immediately ask a question to someone else. This continues on until someone can not keep a straight face or hesitates to ask a question. They must also drink if they slip up and answer a question. (A good way to slip somebody up when they are drunk is to ask if they have a cigarette.)
6. Kings are categories. The player who draws the king must name a category, such as cars or cigarette brands and then identify one such as camel. The player beside them must then come up with another one. This goes on until somebody cannot think of an example. They must drink.
7. Aces are waterfalls. Enough said.
This is a good game if you love to have a good laugh with your friends and like to get drunk really fast.

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