Kings (another version) Drinking Game

3-3 is for me. You take 3 drinks.
4-is for Whores..all females drink.
5-pass out five (can split drinks)
6-is for Dicks...all males drink
7-HEAVEN GOD Card (This player can do whatever he/she chooses and can make all other players do whatever he/she chooses. Player is God until someone else pulls a 7)
8-Pick a mate (Pick a player to drink whenever you do.)
9-Bust a rhyme (say a bar...players rhyme with it, first to mess it up takes a drink.)
10-Categories (pick a category, everyone names something in that category, first one to mess up takes a drink)
J-Thumbmaster OR F* You (thumbmaster-lasts until next Jack is pulled. Thumbmaster secretly placed thumb on edge of table...players must do the same, the last one to notice takes a drink; F* You-only happens once, when player drops the card on the table everyone flips off another player, however many people are flipping you off is how many drinks you have to take)
Q-Questions (ask someone a question, do not answer, keep randomly asking people questions until someone screws up and has to take a drink.)
K-Make a rule (the rule lasts until the end of the game)

Shots-When the last of any card is pulled, the player who pulls it has to take a shot. God cannot overrule this. If the person has a mate the mate does not have to take a shot.

Game ends when all the cards are gone.

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