Kings or Kings Cup Drinking Game

Each card has a drinking rule associated with it
The king, queen and jack are pretty much set in stone, but with any of the cards you can apply different rules, here are some suggestions.

Ace= sometimes it is fun to have this be a truth or dare card, where the person who pulled it either has to answer a truth or dare, or gets to ask. You decide. And then everyone drinks.
King= poor as much beer as you like into the king's cup in the center of the table. Last person to pull a king drinks the cup.
Queen= person who pulls makes eye contact with anyone in the circle and asks a question, that person in turn has to ask a different person a different question. This is a rapid fire exercise. The first person to mess up has to drink.
Jack= this is called get back. The person who pulled this card gets to make someone drink as revenge for something.
10= categories: a category is picked, such as brands of beer. The 1st person names one, then the next person. This goes on until someone messes up by saying something that has already been named or they can't think of one. That person drinks.
9= bust a rhyme: say a sentence that is going to be easy to rhyme with. The next person has to make a sentence that rhymes with it. First person to mess up drinks.
8= pick a mate: chose someone else to drink with you.
7= waterfall: everyone stands up. All start drinking. You can't stop until the person before you in the order stops. It benefits you to be sitting next to the person who pulled this card. The person at the end is screwed.
6= is for dicks: all guys drink
5= five up high: all raise a hand. Last person to raise hand drinks. Also fun, five on the thigh.
4= is for whores: all girls drink
3= Social: everyone drinks.
2= you drink. Person who pulls card drinks.

Come up with your own rules.
This game is very social, so get involved, and pay close attention. Be loud and lewd.

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