Kings Quarter Drinking Game

decide who goes first. this person then spinds the quarter on a table, and the person to the then trys to flick the quarter to keep it spinning. Game continues like this until someone messes up and it falls of the table, it gets knocked over, or the player lets it spin until it dies.

then a card is pulled from the deck, and the player has to do what the card means...

2 through 10 -> take that many drinks

Jack-> the jackass card, quarter person has to do something stupid the other players come up with (ever lick a dirty sock? no time like the present)

Queen-> Your the bitch. choose someone, and everytime they drink, you drink half. say they drew a 5, you drink 2. if it was 10, you drink 5. This rule is for the entire game

King-> The rule card. if you get this, choose a person, and they give you a rule you must follow until the next king is drawn

Ace -> someone spins the quarter, and you have to drink till it stops spining

Joker-> Slave card. whoever gets this must do what is asked/told to them for the entire game... in the form of "Slave, fetch me a drink". "Slave, smack yourself". anyone who has this card is a slave.

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