Knights of the round table Drinking Game

Some type of liquor

I will give rules as if four people are playing. Start off with everyone sitting across from one person. So if you are at a rectangle table someone is sitting on all four sides. The same applies for a circle table. Put one shot glass in front of one player and put the other in front of the player at the opposite side of the table. Fill the large glass with as much beer as you want and place it in the middle of the table. Place as many quarters as you can get in the middle of the table too. To start the game one of the players that does not have a shot glass in front of him yells "go" at which time both players with shot glasses in front of them try to get a quarter in the shot glass in front of them by bouncing it off the table. All other players job is to keep all quarters accessible to the shooting players. When one of the shooting players makes one quarter in their shot glass they immediately passes their shot glass to the player on their right. Players can only pass their shot glass on if they have made one quarter into the shot glass in front of them. Play stops if at any point one player has two shot glasses in front of them. So if a player cant make a shot and all other players make theirs there will be two shot glasses in front of one player in which case that person loses. When one player loses they are given two choices.

A. They have one more chance to
shoot one quater into one shot

B. They have two more chances to
shoot one quarter into two shot
glasses.(two shot glasses must
be touching each other)
If a player succeeds in either case the player to the right is dubbed the loser and is given the same two choices, this continues until someone is unsuccessful. Of course there are penalties for being unsuccessful.

PenaltyA. If a player is unsuccessful in
choice A. they must chug the
entire contents of the glass in
the middle of the table.

PenaltyB. If a player is unsuccessful in
choice B. they must take two
shots of liquor.

The advantage of chosing B. is that they only have to make one quarter not both into either of the two shot glasses. So if you think about it your chances are quadrupled (two chances and two shot glasses). When play starts over again the shot glasses start at the two sides that didnt have shot glasses to begin with.
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