Lasers Drinking Game

Lasers is suitable for 3 or more players. Players sit around a table, and one person is declared to have the laser.

The laser can be passed to the left or right to other players by pointing with the opposite hand, going across the body, and making the bzzzz noise.

The receiving player can pass the laser in the same direction, by again going across the body, pointing, and making the bzzzz noise, or the player can block the laser sending it back, by using the hand opposite of the previous player. You do this with a fist, holding it in the air with your elbow at a right angle. When blocking, no noise is made. You can't block a block.

When a player makes an error, he/she has to drink a full beer or shot, depending on your sanity and skill level. Any player that points or says the name of the drinking player has to join them. The player who makes a mistake is the one who restarts the laser.

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