Lawn Darts Beer Pong Drinking Game

What you need is the 4 lawn darts, beer, a bottle of liquor (for shots) and targets. A lawn dart set also comes with the 4 darts and 2 medium round targets. They look like hula hoops. You will need a few more tagets ranging in all different sizes. You can use regular hula hoops, bicycle tires (without the spokes), innertubes, etc. Each team of two should have the equal ammount of targets resembling the same size.

Each team will set up their targets in a predetermined formation. Let it be a pyramid, circle, square, or whatever you want. Each cluster of targets should be 25-30 feet apart.

To determine which team goes first, place an empty plastic cup directly in the middle of both teams. One person from each team will toss their dart in the air. Team closest to the cup gets all four darts and first throws. (The dart must be stuck in the ground to count.)

The team throwing first will throw their darts towards their opponent's targets. The darts must stick in the ground to count. If a dart does not stick in the ground, that thrower must take a drink. If the dart lands in one of the hoops the thrower earns points and drinks to hand out. Scores and drink amounts should be predetermined prior to the game.

The times that I played we had three different sized targets. The larger target was worth one point and one opponent had to drink. The medium target was worth two points and both opponents had to drink. The smallest target was worth three points and both opponents took two drinks.

The liquor for shots comes in play as a penalty. If a thrower hits any player (teammate, opponent, and/or spectator), that thrower must take a shot. If a thrower is unable to lmake both his throws in one round stick in the ground, their entire team must take a shot.

*Why were we keepng points? The first team to 21 (win by 2) wins the match.

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