Mallets Mallet Drinking Game

This game is a take off of an old kids TV program called mallets mallet. You need at leat three people to play, 2 contenders and a judge. You can have more contenders if you want. This game is a word association game where you can not pause or you have to take a drink, usualy 2-3 fingers worth.

The Judge starts the game with a word e.g. "Tree". Then the first contender has to say a word in relation to "tree" e.g "Wood". Then the next person has to say a word associated with "wood", and so on until some can not think of a word or hessitates or says "Ummmmmmmm". You get the idea.

It can become quite a laugh with 5 or 6 contenders, but remember the judges word is final on whether a word is related or not.lts. College students love beer.

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