Mex Drinking Game

Whoever decides to play the game, rolls a pair of dice. He gets up to 3 turns to get a high score, where:
- 2 + 1 (Mex) is the highest
- double 6 next highest
- then double 5, etc
- then 6 + 5, 6 + 4, and so on down to 3 + 2, which is the lowest
- 3 + 1 is a compulsory drink for the person who throws it (normally half a standard vessel)

Normally if someone throws a Mex, they sit on that. If the first person in the round only uses 1 or 2 throws then that is the maximum for that round. The lowest scorer in the round is the loser, and must drink half a standard vessel. If there is 1 Mex, the penalty doubles to 1 full vessel. If 2 Mex's, then the penalty doubles again to 2 vessels, and so on.....a maximum should be set!!!

If there is a tie for low score, then there should be a toss-off, with each player in the toss-off allowed the full 3 turns if required. Mexs in this round still count toward the final penalty.

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