Mexeicali Drinking Game

The game procedure:

Rolling player puts the dice in the cup, shakes the cup, and turns the cup upside down on the table in such a way that no one sees what numbers the dice read.

The player who rolled the dice may lift the cup, and look at the dice, WITHOUT MOVING THE DICE, and then replace the cup over the dice. The roller doesn't want anyone else to see the dice (unless s/he is a putz). The point is to see what the dice read without changing them by knocking them around (this is cheating, and is only acceptable if everyone else is too drunk to notice). If anyone disturbs the dice at this point, they are stupid (refer to drinking rule #1).

The roller then says a number. The player to the roller's right (victim) then chooses to call bullshit or accept.

If the victim calls: A victim calls by lifting the cup and revealing the dice. If the numbers match what number the roller called, (i.e. roller was telling the truth), then the victim drinks, and the roller may roll again. If the numbers don't match (i.e. roller was lying through his teeth), then the roller drinks and the victim becomes the new roller.

If the victim accepts: The new player takes the cup, WITHOUT looking at the dice (s/he doesn't get to find out whether the roller was cheating), and rolls (as the new roller). S/he rolls the same way, EXCEPT that the new roller has to call a number with a higher value than the value just accepted, and then the next player has to call or accept, etc. Play continues until everyone gets bored, passes out, makes out, etc.

Reading the Dice:

The dice are always read high die first (don't add them), except for pairs (i.e. a 2 and a 5 is read "fifty-two", a 6 and 3 are read "sixty-three", and a pair of 4's is read "pair of fours" or just "fours"). Any non-pair number beats a lower non-pair number, any pair beats any non-pair number, and higher pairs beat lower pairs. EXCEPTION: Any time a player rolls a 2 and a 1, the resulting roll is a Mexicali. The roller immediately shows the dice, and gloats while everyone else drinks three times. The roller (who just rolled the Mexicali) gets to roll again.

Drinking rules:

1. Anyone who is stupid drinks. This includes, but is not limited to: disturbing the dice when you are not the victim, calling a number low number first (i.e. saying "twenty five" instead of "fifty two"), calling a number too low to beat the last accepted number (i.e. calling "sixty four" when you had to beat a pair of threes), making a mistake after someone has already explained the rules, etc.

2. If any player is caught cheating, they drink. If they are not caught, good for them.

3. All other players drink three when someone rolls a Mexicali (see 'Reading the Dice' if you can't remember that far back).

4. Breaking a player rule (see below).

Player rules:

If a player rolls three times and doesn't get caught bullshiting, then that player gets to make a rule. It can as mundane or as outlandish as the other players are willing to accept. When ANY player breaks the rule (including the person who made the rule), then that player drinks.

Sounds complex, but it takes about a minute to figure it out.

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