montana Drinking Game

take twelve cards, without looking at them, and place them in seven columns, as shown below, with the first and last columns only having one card. Then pass out the remaining cards to the players. The twelve cards should look like so:

Columns: E1 1 2 3 4 5 E2
# # # # #
# #
# # # # #

Flip the top card from column one,which is worth one drink. say it's a king. whoever has a king in their hand passes it to someone and whoever gets it has to take one drink and leave the card face up infront of them. Then pick the top card from column 2 and so on, till you get at the end, of the row, to the end column named E1 and flip that. then go to the bottom row of column one and start till you flip that row, and then flip the last end column. it's easy, the drinks go:

column E1 = 10 drinks
column 1 = 1 drink
column 2 = 2 drinks
column 3 = 3 drinks
column 4 = 4 drinks
column 5 = 5 drinks
column E2 = 10 drinks

And be sure to keep the cards you get infront of you because they might come up again and be worth more. it's a lot more complicated to explain, but it's easy, and fun. Teams can form quick, and enemies can be made even quicker. if you need any help you can e-mail me at maybe i can explain it a little better if it's not so clear.

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