Moose 2 Drinking Game

You start with an empty ice-cube tray and a bowl. Place the ice-cube tray the long way in front of the first player with the bowl at the end of the tray. The left side of the tray is "give" and the right is "take". "Give" means you count how many squares away from you the quarter is and you give out that many drinks. "Take" means you drink that much.

To start, you must bounce the quarter off of the table so that it somehow lands in the tray. It is one's turn until he/she either misses the tray or lands on the "take" side. A player can also "chance" their next bounce. To chance means that the player gets one more chance to play, but if he/she misses the tray, he/she must drink the bowl, filled to the rim with beer. If their quarter lands on the "give" side, then it remains their turn until, well, I just explained that.

The reason this game is called "Moose" is because if the quarter lands in the last square in the tray farthest away from the player (either side), everyone puts their hands up by their heads and yells "Moose". The last person to do this has to drink the bowl.

And lastly, if the player's quarter lands in the bowl, he/she must drink the bowl (and loses their turn, no chances). Enjoy your drinks!

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