Mr. Busch's Drinking Game Drinking Game

1: Shitty start! Drink one and roll again.
2: Another shitty start! Drink two and roll again.
3: Three times lucky! Tell 3 people to drink one or one person to drink 3.
4: Roll the die. If the number is odd guys drink 4, if it's even girls drink 4.
5:Thumbmaster! Last one to put their thumb down after you do has to get beer until the person on their left starts the thumb game again.
6: Mr. Busch has named you captain of his cheerleading squad. Make up the official Mr. Busch fight song. HINT: remember this for later.
7: Roll the die and multiply the number by the last digit of your phoe number and drink that number of drinks.
8: Don't you just hate how beer goes right thru you? Mr. Busch does too. Drink 2 for every tmie someone goes to the bathroom from now on.
9: >>Mr. Busch Race<< Get the ice tray, a Busch, and 2 straws. Fill the ice tray with beer and pick a partner. Each of you must drink one row using only the straw. The slowest one drinks 5 more times.
10: Almost a quarter of the way done! Roll, and drink 4 times that number.
11: Snake eyes. Double ones, since you like repitition so much, Mr. Busch says you have to say the last word of each sentence twice twice. Penalty for screwing up: 10 drinks drinks.
12: Mr. Busch feels generous tonite... so he will give you 12 drinks.
13: Mr. Busch thinks you would be a good asshole (as in the game President--Asshole). Play the part until you role a 6 or until someone else gets a 13.
14: Pick a partner and two other people to play anchor man against. Then get two beers. Each team captian opens their beer and chugs as much as they can and then passes the remainder to the anchor man who must finish the beer. Losing team each gete dri nks.
15: A third of the way there! Roll three times and drink the total of that number!
16: According to Mr. Busch, you need to improve your grammar. From now on verbally punctuate the end of each sentence (period). Penalty 9 drinks.
17: A social! Everyone drink to Mr. B. For those not drinking Busch, drink 3.
18: Pick a person to finish their beer while you name 25 of the states. If they finish first, you must finish your beer.
19: Mr. Busch thinks your language is disgusting. No more cursing for you! If you fuck up, drink six.
20: Mr. Busch thinks you're in way too big of a hurry. Drink five and go back ten or drink ten & go back five.
21: Are you of legal age? If not, finish your beer and go back to ZERO!
22: Congratulations! Mr. Busch has picked you to be his sponsor. Every time someone says "Mr Busch", you must stand, wave, and drink.
23: Mr. Busch doesn't like drunks, from now on you can't say drink, drunk, drank, or drinks, etc... Penalty is 10 drinks.
24: Mr. Busch thinks you are boring. Every time you drink, you must remember 8 things... stand up, sit down, lean to the left, lean to the right, circle your beer over your head, tap, drink, and tap. Don't worry, if you land on 24 again, you don't have to do everything twice. In fact, Mr. Busch says that a second time nul lifies this rule.
25: Freebie only if you are drinking busch beer, otherwise drink 3!
26: Hope you don't have any enemies, the person on your right counts to ten while you drink.
27: Massage the person's shoulders and back on your left until your next turn. Penalty for stopping: 10 drinks.
28: Mr. Busch is a strong supporter of hair farmers. Anyone at the table with hair shorter than yours drink 10 now.
29: Mr. Busch doesn't like your style. Change one article of clothing with the person of your choice. If this is your second time, use a different partner and a different article of clothing.
30: Who's who? Pick someone to assume your identity while you use theirs. Anyone messing up must drink!
31: Are you a comedian? You have 30 seconds to make the person across from you laugh or drink 10.
32: Where's your spirit?? Sing the official Mr. Busch fight song or go back to #6 and make one up.
33: From now on, each time you roll and odd number subtract and move backward. Don't worry, if you roll and even number you can still move forward.
34: Are you a good lover? Kiss everyone of the opposite sex, then have them rate you. Drink 2 for every point you receive below a ten.
35: This is your lucky day! You make a rule! Or cancel one put on you.
36: Mr. Busch hates people with annoying laughs, if the other players vote your laugh is annoying, then drink 5.
37: Bed spins suck, Don't they?? Stand and spin around fast for ten times.
38: Mr. Busch is a romantic at heart. Let's hear a verse of your favorite love poem. If you don't have one, drink 10.
39: Sobriety check! Repeat the alphabet backwards in 30 sec's or drink 10.
40: This is Mr. Busch's favorite song playing. Everyone stop rolling and drink until the end of this song or until you finish your beer.
Social!!!! Make a toast! (Mr. Busch will drink to that).
41: Kiss the person on your right or chug while they count to 10.
42: How old are you?? Go back to the number that is your age. If you're under 21 then drink 3 for being illegal as well...
43: So, so close...yet so far away, go back to number 29.
44: You made it!! Kick back, open a Busch and enjoy!! You deserve it!

Note: If your roll is higher than 45, then subtract the roll from your number.

P.S. Other options of this game include playing with 2 dice, only up to 40, (or a lower number), or playing till you reach 45 a second time. New rules are also welcome. Once MR. Busch has more, he will extend the game to 50, or 60 etc.

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