Mushroom V2.0 Drinking Game

This game is a combination of the Mushroom game already posted on this site and Kings
First you place the glass of alcohol or a beer can in the center of the table and spread the cards face down around the can/glass.
After every card is picked the player must put the card on top of the beer/glass so that 2 edges of the card have nothing under it. after a while you'll see that the cards on top spread outward and it starts to look like a mushroom. if a players is putting a card on the mushroom and cards fall off, the player must put those cards back on. the rule of thumb is that if less than 50% of the cards fall off, the player can put them back on. if more than 50% of cards fall off the game is over and that player must chug the beer/glass in front of everybody.
Each card has a meaning:
red cards - you drink
black cards - assign a drink
2 - 2 manly gulps
3 - 3 manly gulps
4 - 4 manly gulps
5 - 5 manly gulps
6 - 6 manly gulps
7 - 7 manly gulps
8 - 8 manly gulps
9 - bust a rhyme - the person who picks this card says a phrase the next person must rhyme it with another phrase and so on. the 1st person who cant rhyme or hesitates drinks
10 - make a rule (i.e. - no cursing, no names, drink with opposite hand, hands can't touch the table, or little man(my personal favorite - see below for explination)
J - Categories - person who picks card says a category and players must say word that fits into said category (i.e. - category is condoms - plays would say, trojen, durex, lifestyles, etc.) first player to hesitate drinks
Q - Questions - person who picks card asks a random player a random question, now the player who was asked the question can't answer but has to look at another player and ask a different question. first person to answer, hesitate or repeat a question drinks.
K - Stabilizer - the king can be placed any where player wants to put it. the king is usually placed directly in the middle to "stabilize" the mushroom
A - Waterfall - everyone starts drinking and no one can stop till the person to their right stops starting with the dealer.

Little man rule - if the little man rule is instituted, it means that everyone now has a little man sitting on the edge of thier beer/cup. the little man is about one inch tall and is very fragile. before taking a social drink or a forced drink, you must take the little man off your cup/beer and place him on your head. after you have finshed the drink, you must place him back on the edge of your cup/beer. if you forget to remove little man, you must take a lenalty drink. this may sound stupid to some but try it. works great with a no cursing rule: "You didn't take off your little man, penalty drink" "aw fuck" "you cursed thats another!" "damn"

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