Mystery Pong Drinking Game

This is a game for 2 people, but you can have rows of these going along a table. Or you can always rotate positions, but only 2 at a time.

Similar to Beirut and Beer Pong, but instead of beer, fill the cups 1/4 of the way full of various hard liquors or other mixed drinks (margaritas, mudslides, sex on the beach, etc).

You can make the pyramid however big or small you want it to be and however many different drinks you feel like filling. Also, shuffle the cups after each round so that the one team doesn't keep hitting the cup filled with the really bad stuff, just to watch the other person squirm.

Refill, don't remove, the cups as they are emptied. Play until one person falls out of their chair or passes out on the table and knocks over the playing field (trust me, I've seen it done). You can get REAL plastered REAL quick this way.

Additional Rules, for more fun: Each side gets to make up one "Blaster" cup for the other team. This cup is 1/2 of the way full with whatever the team wants to put in it (Hint: more than one kind of alcohol is KEY.) After one team hits the "Blaster" it won't be long until the end.

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