Nitwits Championship Alcohol Awards Drinking Game

Plenty of Dice

Abbreviate the name of the game and you get the point!
Each person donates a small amount of money (it could be a buck) for a pool for the champion, held by the announcer, who gets all people to pair up and each pair gets a set of dice. Each person rolls dice once. The lower score loses, and the number lost by is the amount of alcohol each loser must drink.

Losing by 1-2: Drink 1-2 shots of hard liquor mixed with mid-strength liquor.
3-4: Drink 3-4 shots hard liquor mixed with soda or juice.
5-6: Drink 5-6 shots mid- strength liquor.
7-8: Drink 7-8 shots mid- strength liquor and soda or juice.
9-10: Down one beer/ cooler/ hard lemonade in 30 seconds or less (if the loser fails to down it in time, they're penalized another drink).

If both people roll a tie, they roll off again, and the loser then has to double or triple drink, depending on the number of times they tied their rolls. The winners (who didn't have to drink) then pair together tournament- style with other winners and continue until the Final Four People remain. (There may be an odd number of pairings as the elimination comes towards around 4 remaining, so the announcer should have one from each group roll dice, so the pairings with the lowest rolls go head to head first.)

With the final four, the loser drinks double the amount they would normally drink when losing. If there is a tie of rolling dice with the Final Four People and Championship, add an additional drinking penalty to the double drinks they have to do. The announcer then gives the winner of the game a glass containing four shots of hard liquor for the winner to drink straight (with no pausing or spilling), or the winner gets only half the money, with the other half returning into a new pool.

All people then return to pool more money and begin a new game! The game tends to run quickly, leading to higher amounts of drinking in the party.

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