No Limit Texas Drink 'Um Drinking Game

No Limit Texas Drink 'Um is exactly like No Limit Texas Hold 'Em which you have seen on the World Series of Poker, except you bet with shots of beer.

1.Dealer deals two cards two cards to each player.

2.After checking cards a player can bet or check.

3.If a player doesn't like his/her hand they can fold and will not have any penalty.

4.Players that stay in will match the highest bet and then see the flop.

5.The dealer then turns one card down to a discard pile and turns 3 cards up which are the flop.

6.Another round of betting occurs, though in this round if somebody folds they have to drink the number of shots they have bet so far, plus one extra. Everybody remaining will meet the higest bet and then see the turn.

7.The dealer deals down one card to the discard pile and then up one card which is the turn.

8.Another round of betting occurs, but in this round if somebody folds they have to drink the total they've bet so far plus 2 extra shots. Once again anybody wishing to stay in and see the river must meet the highest bet.

9.Finally the river is here, this is the last card. Again one card is dealt down to a discard pile and the last card is turned up which is the river. There should now be 5 cards on the table that every player can use, and two cards in their hand.

10.The final round of betting occurs. Anybody that folds now must drink everything they've bet so far plus 3 extras. Keep in mind that any player can go "all in" at anytime during the game. The player with the best 5 card hand wins.

-The person that wins the game doesn't drink anything. If there is a push (tie) shots are split amoung the contenders. If there are more than 2 people in the end shots are split amoung all people who did not win.

-Going all in means your betting all 10 of your shots.

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