Numbers Game Drinking Game

A good number of players for this game is 5-10. First, arrange yourselves in a circle (around a table is ideal). Then, the first person to starts says the number 1. The person to their left says 2, and this continues around the circle. There are, initially, four rules:

- If anyone makes a mistake, they must drink a certain amount of their drink (eg. two fingers, or whatever).

- If someone says two numbers in sequence, eg "2 3", the order changes direction, i.e. if the order is going to the left, to the person to the right would now continue with 4, then the person to their right with 5, and so on (of course, the person saying 4 could say "4 5", in which case it would revert to its original order).

- If someone says three numbers in sequence, eg "2 3 4" or "14 15 16", the order stays the same but the next person is skipped; that is, if the order is going to the left, the person to their left says nothing, and the person to *their* left continues with 17 (or a double or triple).

- If 20 is reached, the person who said 20 must finish the rest of their drink, and then they can make a new rule. This is then added to the rules of the game.

If the general agreement is that there are too many rules or that the game is becoming too complicated, you can "wipe the slate"; that is, everyone finishes their drinks and you start the game again with the initial rules.

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