Official Family Guy Drinking Game Drinking Game

• Character consumes alcohol
• Played out stereotype
• Allusion/Reference
• Peter gets hurt

Two Drinks
• Stewie tries to kill Lois
• Stewie formulates a plan
• Stewie does something feminine
• Stewie has a weapon
• Chris becomes nervous around a girl
• Brian and Stewie fight
• Peter does “the laugh”
• Peter gives Chris bad advice
• Peter embarrasses Meg
• Visit to the Drunken Clam
• A gag is repeated
• Commercial break

Three Drinks
• Stewie says “Victory is mine”
• Peter says “Holy crap”
• Brian has a martini
• Meg is referred to as ugly in some way
• Non-human character is shown (excluding Brian)
• Quagmire makes a sexual reference
• Quahog News is shown
• Every time Cleveland Jr. laughs
• Character plays the piano
• Character removes an article of clothing
• Cleveland mentions Loretta

Four Drinks
• Lois’s parents show up
• Make fun of ? Fox

Five Drinks
• Drawn out scene
• The “Evil Monkey” makes an appearance

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