Olympic Drinking Game Drinking Game

1. They mention a medal.
2. They say the name of the country or city the games are being played in. Twice if they say them both. i.e. Athens, Greece
3. Any time a flag is shown. Drink three when you see the three flags during the medal ceremony. Don't forget that they also mention medals here.
4. During commercials any time they say either, "proud sponsor of..." or "proudly sponsored by..."5. Any time they mention the weather.
6. Any time a country is mentioned that you've never heard of.
7. Any time a sport is played that you've never heard of.
8. Every time you hear the olympic theme.
9. Any flashback to a past olympic game.
10. Any time they show the olympc torch.

Chug your alcohol for:
1. A drug reference is mentioned.
2. There is a debate on whether or not the judges were competent.
3. Every time they mention something like, "this is the best olympics ever"4. Any time a world record is broken.

If you can finish this game, you are truly a world class drinker.

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