Othello Drinking Game

This is a very exciting game to play. I tried it with my roommate and we got so destroyed it wasn't even funny. I must address that it would be wise to start this game sober. Although the rules are very simple, the drinks, depending on how bad you're losing or winning, add up pretty fast.

In case you never played before, it's real simple. All you need to do is buy the othello game & a case/keg of beer. Invite a friend -- you'll need him/her. Just follow the rules inside the game.

For each one of your pieces that get flipped over, or changed to the other color you have to take one drink. Example: I'm black, and I turn over 3 white pieces, the white guy has to take 3 drinks.

If you happen to take a corner, your opponent must drink a 12-ounce beer. This is because it is impossible to change that piece & I prefer punishing the opponent. You can omit this one rule if you desire.

At anytime during the game, if a player has no move, not only does he/she forfeit a turn, he/she must finish the beer. If neither player has a move, well, just finish your beer. The game is over -- move to the end of the game.

At the end of the game, each player must take one drink for each piece their OPPONENT has left on the board. Example: the WINNER has 24 pieces & the LOSER has 8, the WINNER takes 8 drinks only, but the LOSER is pretty much screwed.

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