Padres By 12 Drinking Game

TV as well as Radio will work. You need to be watching/listening to a baseball game. At least 3 people are needed. Otherwise you won't make it past the third inning. Each pitch is a turn for one player. Foul balls mean nothing, you simply move to the next player. If it is a strike, then you drink. If it is a strike out then you drink 3 times. A ball means that you go again A walk means you drink 4 times plus go again. The rest of the events are as follows:

- Single = player to left drinks
- Double = player to right drinks
- Triple = everybody else but you drinks
- Homerun = everybody else but you drinks 3
- Grand Slam = everybody including you drinks 4

You can get creative with some other rare events. The name came from the first attempt at the game where the Padres beat the Rockies 19 to 7. Nuff said.

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