Pick'em'up Drinking Game

The game can be hard to learn....but the less you know the drunker you get....

You all start by sitting around a table with the cards scattered around face down. You take turns turning one card at a time.

Each card has a meaning:
-Ace to five ( the person who has turned the card can select one person to drink the number of zips the card shows 1,2,3 etc)
-Six (Fountain: The person who turned the card shall start drinking, after 3 seconds the person next to him should start etc. Nobody can stop drinking before the last man decides when to quit. Or face penalties)
-Seven (New rule: The person who turned this card can decide a new rule, like you can only drink with your left hand or you can't name names. If someone forget to follow the rule in any part of the game: 5 zips)
-Eight (Peeing card, you can't go to the bathroom unless you obtain this card. Can be saved....may be sold for more to drink :) )
-Nine (Question round: The person who got the card shall name a topic, like beertypes, animals, pornstars...Go around the table until one person can't think of something else, except the 5 zip-penalty)
-Ten (trick question: You can save this card and during the game ask a friend, by NAME, any question, like: How much is the clock? No matter what he answers you can show him your ten and make him take 5 zips
Jack (As soon as this card is turned reach for your forhead and say "Hey Jack". The last person to do so, take 5 zips)
Queen ( same as Jack, only "Hey Queen")
King (All kings must be saved. The three first don't matter, but the person who takes the fourth must empty his glass. Bottoms up!)

It should be mentioned that true friends never let a friend drink alone and occasionally takes a mercy drink with someone who has to drink a lot...

"Cheers" or as we say in Norway "Sk†l"

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