Pick Your Suit Drinking Game

First, take out the aces.
now, you have to make the teams...

if 2 people: each person takes 2
if 4: each gets one
if more then 4: players double up on suits

once teams are made, pass out the cards until they are all gone and everyone has the same amount.

the point of this game is to go out (ie, play all your cards first). the person with the 3 of Clubs goes first.

you have a few options on your turn.

IF IT IS A SINGLE (ie- 1 five):

you have to follow suit when you play, so if there is a 5 of spades, you can play any spade taht is higher then 5.

However, if you have a 5 of any other suit, you can play taht on the 5 of spades (so you can play suit or same card number of different suit).

Also, if there is a 5 of spades down, and you have the five of diamonds and the five of clubs, you can play them both (since they are both fives).


you can play another 5, and if you hapen to play the 4th five, the cards are cleared and it is your turn.

you can play a single card of any suit of the mutliple cards. Example: five of spades and five of clubs are down, so you can play a single of either spades OR clubs

you can pass at any time. If you play a card and everyone passes and it gets back to you, you are free to play waht you want. However, leave the stack of cards n the middle.

if you have a JOKER, you can play at it any time on you turn. When you play a joker, you pick someone, give them the finger, and hand them the pile of cards in the middle.

when a 2 is played (its the hieghest like in asshole) the cards are cleared. When a completion is made, all the cards are cleared. This means to move them from the midle to some pile thats out of the game.

on your last card, you have to call LAST CARD or you pick up the stack in the middle.

first person to run out of cards wins. winner has teh option of makign a rule for the next game (ie, make a card do something specific, like if you play a 5 girls drink, etc.) this allows for crazy stuff to happen.. start giving cards speciific rules -- play a king and then do a round of Catagories or something (steal rules from kings cup people)

THE DRINKING PART (cus no drinkign game is complete without you getting drunk)
whenever your suit is played, you have to take a drink.

if a five of spades is down, and someone plays a 5 of diamonds... both the spades and the diamonds have to drink..similar to electricity or links rules. if antoher five is played, all three suits would drink. on each complettion, everyone drinks.

thats it. this game really is fun, its easy to play (rules are simple, its like uno meets asshole). enjoy

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