Pitcher Game 2 Drinking Game

You need a few people and a few dollars. Gather at your favorite watering hole and order a pitcher of beer. The players then take turns drinking out of the pitcher. Each player drinks as much or as little as he/she wants, and then passes the pitcher clockwise.

When someone finishes the pitcher, the person to his right must buy the next pitcher. As you can see, the person who just passed you the pitcher is "on the hook". The point (and strategy) of the game is to finish the pitcher if you can, because if you don't and you pass it on, if the next guy finishes it you are stuck buying the next one!

The inescapable result is that everyone ends up trying to pound a pitcher, and most won't finish it. So, on top of getting hammered and likely puking, he has to get his butt to the bar for the next round.

This game is best played where the pitchers are cheap, and I must recommend LIGHT BEER.

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