Place Your Bets Drinking Game

This game is for those who don't like to learn a lot of rules. It's simple, it's fun and you get to drink A LOT! All you need is one die, plenty of beer, and at least one friend.

One person doesn't matter who. That person says "Place you bets!". Everyone tries to guess what number will be rolled and places their "bet" by putting that number of fingers down on the table. To bet a six, just make a fist and put it on the table.

The roller rolls. If the number that is rolled is the number of fingers you put down then you don't have to drink. If it's not you must take as many sips as the number that was rolled.

If you guess the right number 3 times in a row you can make a rule. The die is passed after every roll. It's fun cause everyone gets all excited when they guess right.

Happy drinking!

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