pyramid game Drinking Game

The 1st card at the bottom left of the pyramid is turned over and all players with that card nominate one finger of drink to whoever they wish. If they have 2 of that number then they may nominate 2 fingers to 1 person or 1 finger to 2 players. This carries on all accros the bottom layer of the pyramid.

Then you move on to the next layer where all cards are worth 2 fingers. The next layer is worth 3 fingers and this process carries on until the single card at the top level which is worth 5 fingers. This can be a killer if you have 2 cards left that correspond with the top card as this means that you have 10 fingers to nominate.

(One finger of drink is a fingers depth as you hold the can, glass or bottle).

This game sounds complicated but i assure you that it you give it a try, you will not be disappointed. As you get revenge on a mate for nominating fingers to you. The ultimate drinking game for the hardened drinker.

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