Red Black, High Low, Inside Outsie, Suites Drinking Game

the player guesses red or black and if he/she gets it right then they get to give a shot to someone...however if they guess wrong then they have to take a shot themselves
this continues until all players have gone

next the dealer asks "high or low?" and this refers to whether the next card will be higher or lower than the red/black card.
again if they guess right they get to give shots but this time its *2* shots...but if they are wrong then they take 2
this continues until all players have gone

now the 3rd guess is "inside or outside." will the card placed on your existing cards be between them or outside them (number wise)? say you have a king and a queen....outside obviously but a king and a 2...inside
wrong take 3 shots; right, hand out 3

the 4th and final guess is a suit....hearts, spades, clubs, or diamonds?
4 shots for this one...


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