Red Dwarf Drinking Game

The Red Dwarf Drinking Game Smeg! Another way to get drunk! The Rules: (Simple enough for Lister to understand) Okay, Here's what you do. Simply start watching Red Dwarf and if something happens that is included in the list below you have 1 drink, shot or whatever you like. Under 18's might wish to have cheezels or spoonfuls of nutella, pizza, or something else legal, if you prefer. Take more if necessary (it isn't), or if you want to (you won't). The game might get a little hectic at times and no responsibility is taken for hospitalisation of any players (Yes, that means you, Simon). Best effect (unconsciousness) is achieved with back to back viewings, i.e. the whole of series IV, for example. Ready? Well then, "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!" (with a hangover) And don't do anything Lister wouldn't do!

- Drink every time Lister has a Lager
- Every time he refers to an old lover (double if he does this especially to make Rimmer feel bad)
- Have a double whenever he mentions Kristine Kochanski
- Also, every time Lister is seen eating a curry (or other Indian Food)
- Mustn't forget to partake whenever he plays his guitar (or threatens to)
- One for each joke about Lister being not or barely human
- Have a drink when a reference is made to any of Lister's undergarments
- Drink whenever he enters an artificial reality computer game (double if he does so to have sex)

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