Ride the BUS Drinking Game

The Dealer(Bus Driver) holds the deck of cards and directs the game(he/she also plays too).

Go around the circle to each person and ask "What color?" If the person guesses the color of the card correctly they give out drinks equal to the amount of the card either to one person or by splitting up the value to multiple players. If they guess wrong they have to drink themselves.

Numbered cards = value of the card in seconds
Face cards = 10 seconds

After going around once the dealer then asks "High, low or off the post(same value)?" The person must guess if the next card will be higher, lower, or the same value as the pervious card. If they guess right then they give out the difference in value of the two cards(one card - the other card = time in seconds). If they guessed the card would be the same value then that time is doubled. If they guess wrong in either situation then they must drink like in the first round.

The next time around the dealer asks "Outside, in between, or off the post?" The person must guess if the next card will be outside, in between, or the same value of the pervious two cards. Drink like in the first round, unless guessed off the post then value is doubled.

Next round dealer asks "What suit?" The person must guess the suit of the card. Drink like in the first round.

Here come the good parts. The dealer lays out 10 cards like bowling pins are set up. Each player must keep track of the 4 cards that they are holding. The dealer flips over the first card in the bottom row(the one with 4 cards in it). If a player has a card mathing the card that was flipped the player may discard that card and give out a 2 second drink. The dealer keeps going until all the cards are flipped. Frist row is worth 2 seconds, second row is worth 4, third row is worth 6, and last row is worth 8.

The player(s) with the most cards remaining in their hand must rid ethe BUS!!!! HAHAHA!!!
The dealer lays down 10 cards in a row. The dealer then begins to flip the cards over one after the other. If he/she flips a face card, the bus riders must drink the value of the card.

Jack = 1 second
Queen = 2 seconds
King = 3 seconds
Ace = 4 seconds

After each face card fliped the dealer must also lay down more cards equaling the value of the drinks. (ie. 3 drinks = 3 more cards added to the row)

Tee bus ride lasts untill all the cards in the row are gone. If the dealer runs out of cards he/she must re shuffle the flipped cards and use them.

HAVE A NICE RIDE. This game is quick and rough!!!

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