Roman Numbers Drinking Game

This is a game which my pals and I play here in Spain, but I'll try to translate it into English.
Players must be standing, making a circle, facing each other, and each one with a cup. Then they must count, that means that the first one says "one", the one on his right says "two", the one on his right "three", and so on. But of course, you don?t count the usual way. Instead of it, you must use Roman Numbers (I, II, III, IV...), but replacing each letter by a word:

I:fuck V:motherfucker
X:fuckin' motherfucker
C:your mother is a bitch

The results? The count will be like this:

fuck (I)
fuck fuck (II)
fuck fuck fuck (III)
fuck motherfucker (IV)
motherfucker (V)
motherfucker fuck (VI)
motherfucker fuck fuck (VII)
motherfucker fuck fuck fuck (VII)
fuck fuckin' motherfucker (IX)
fuckin' motherfucker (X)
fuckin' motherfucker fuck (XI)
fuckin' motherfucker fuck fuck (XII)

and so on...when a player makes a mistakes, or takes too long to say his "number", he must drink his/her cup, and start the count again. The funny thing about this game is, of course, to play in the street, so people around can hear you, and wonder what the fuck are you doing talking like that. Mistakes are very common, too, so you?ll get shitfaced for sure.

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