Seven and a Half Drinking Game

First take out the 8's, 9's, and 10's from the deck. Shuffle the rest of the deck and decide who will be the dealer. He deals one card to one player face down and one to himself face down.

The player looks at his card and determines if he will get closer to seven and a half than the dealer. Each card is worth face value and jacks, queens, and kings are worth a half. Aces are worth 1.

You bet between one and five drinks after the first card, then like blackjack you take a hit or stay stay under seven and half. If you go over seven and half you must show your cards and drink your bet. Beat the dealer and he drinks the bet.

The dealer plays each player one at a time until the deck is gone. When finished he passes the deck to the person to his left. This can get fun because later on everyone will bet five.

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