Seven Day Liplock Drinking Game

Throughout the course of 1 week (We play Christmas to New Years), each team must kiss a total of 24 girls and a picture must be taken by one of your teammates.

1) One teammate may not kiss the same girl more than once as this only counts as one picture.

2) All teammates are allowed to kiss the same girl if you don't mind technically swapping spit with your buddy.

3) The losing team suffers "The Penalty" and if both teams take 24 successful pictures in a 7 day period, these rules apply:

a) The team with the most individual kisses will win, meaning that if 24 different girls were used to play, then it sets precedence over the other team if two of their teammates kissed the same girl (being only 23 unique girls).

b) If both teams have the same amount of unique girls used, then the time you got your pictures developed will be used as a tie breaker. First one to develop pictures win. The store receipt can be used as proof.

c) If both sets of pictures were developed at the same time, then each teams loses and must suffer the penalty.

Each losing teammate must drink the amount of girls they kissed X 4 if drinking beer. If you prefer liquor, then you take as many shots as girls you kissed. So if you kiss 10 girls, you must take 40 consecutive drinks of beer (or 10 shots of liquor). The winning team may also divide up 24 drinks among the losing team as they seem fit.

Realize that this game is not your standard game in the aspect that it takes a full week to play. Drinking this amount of beer or liquor could potentially put your health in danger. Know that no one but yourself is held responsible for the outcome, be it injury, death, or personal humilition due to the nature of the pictures taken.

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