Shots Drinking Game Drinking Game

Everyone sits around a table or so that you can reach the person next to you.
Cards are shuffled up and 12 or more cards are placed in the middle of everyone.(more cards=drink more=drunker people)
The remaining cards are delt into piles equal to the number of people playing, so that everyone gets a pile of cards. Don't Look at Them
One person starts with the shot glass, they have to fill it. Here's the catch. While filling and for the whole time that the person has the shot glass that one person can't.
Touch the shot glass to the cup pouring from.
Spill any of the liquid.
Switch hands the shot glass is in.
Can't swear/cus/curse.
Cannot say drink drank or drunk.
And cannot burp.
Now if the person does any/all/or a few of these things they have to take an aditional shot. EX. Person said drink, shit, and spilt that equals 3 more shots.
Now back to the cards. The person starting with the shot glass pours, and flips one card from their pile, if that card matches any cards on the table they have to take a shot. If there are more than one of a card on the table say a 10 or heart and a 10 of diamond you flip a 10 that equals 2 shots. Players pass the shot glass when they finish the shots and the next card flipped does not match anything on the table. Sounds easy but once you get going people start cursing and spilling and accumulating shots. It's not unusual for one person to get stuck with the shot glass for a while and take a lot of shots.
Have fun.

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