Signs Drinking Game

Each person picks a sign. The bird, the shocker, moose ears, whatever get creative. Make it something that you can flash in a split second that's easy to distinguish from another players sign.

One person starts it. Let's call them the chief.

They put their hands in the air and yell. They start a beat on the table and flash someone's sign.

If someone hits the table before the chief they drink.

That person has to flash someone else's sign in a reasonable amount of time or they have to drink.

You can flash the last person's sign to catch them off guard.

If you've forgotten everyone's sign and you're the chief hit the table twice to get a sign check. Everyone flashes their sign one by one.

Some fun variations are to have everyone's sign rotate, or have the chief's sign be forbidden that round (no one can flash it).

It's a fun game and everyone gets loud and belligerent.

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