Socialize Drinking Game

This game is best played with 4 or more people. First, shuffle the deck, then toss the cards on the table and just push them around so they're all over the table (facedown).

Now, choose someone to go first (rotation always goes to left of the first person). The person randomly draws a card from the table. Flip it over so everyone can see. The cards have the following rules to them:

- Ace: you can make anyone drink once
- 2: you can make one person drink twice or you can split it up however you want it
- 3: make a person drink 3 times or split it up
- 4: make a person drink 4 times or split it up
- 5: make a person drink 5 times or split it up
- 6: Person to the left of you drinks one
- 7: person to the right of you drinks one

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