Speed Bump Drinking Game

This is a one person game. Someone deals eight cards face down layed out in a row and places the shot glass in the middle; so there is four cards on each side of the shot. Fill the shot, this is the speed bump.

Now, the player starts flipping up the cards starting on either end of the row. If the card is from 2 to 10 then the player keeps going. If the card is a Jack the player must drink 1 and the dealer places 1 card face down in that spot. If the card drawn is a Queen then it is 2 drinks and 2 cards. 3 for Kings and 4 four Aces. Note that the row can grow to more than eight cards.

Now, anytime the player goes over the speed bump then they must drink it. That includes going backwards. Example: If the player draws a queen on the card past the speed bump then he/she drinks 2, gets two more cards, drinks the shot, and now must go over the speed bump again!!

Player wins when he gets to the end of the row.

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