Spoons Drinking Game

The Buzz Factor in this game is pretty variable as to how you want to make people drink. I'll get to that later. The main enjoyment in this game is that it can end up causing extremely high amounts of pain to certain players while the rest of the group gets to giggle inanely at them.

First, pull certain numbers from the deck, depending on how many people are playing. If there are 5 people, pull the Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10s. If 6, then pull those plus the 9s. If 4, then leave behind the 10s. Easy enough.
Then, get enough spoons for everyone but one player...like 5 players, 4 spoons. Lay them out in the middle of the circle of players.

Deal out all of the cards. Everyone picks up their cards, and then the dealer starts calling "Pass!". When s/he says pass, each player must take one card from their hand and pass it to the left. The dealer may also choose to swtich direction by saying something akin to "Pass right!". It works best if the dealer calls this every 3-4 seconds, so no one really has a chance to relax with their cards. This continues until someone gets four-of-a-kind, and then that player grabs a spoon and puts down their cards. All the other players then have to grab for a spoon, the loser being the one left out.

Now, here's the variations on rules:

Number of drinks: This pretty much is up to the players. You can play it that the loser has to drink the value of the cards that the four-of-a-kind holder had...like four jacks = 11 drinks. Another is drink the amount of players, or for as many seconds as there are players. As I said, it's really up to you.

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