Storytime Drinking Game

You start off by taking all of the 9's to aces out of the deck and putting the other cards aside. Deal out all the cards, works best with four or more players. Then it is as simple as flipping over your card. Dealer goes first and flips over the top card of his little pile. The cards mean the following:

- 9 - Story - That person starts a story by saying one word. The next person say the previous word plus adds one of his own. The third person say the previous two words plus adds his own. The story has to make sense and a player can't take to long to think of a word. If he forgets to say a word or messes up then he/she drinks.

- 10 - Topic - The person who flipped over the card starts by saying a word. The next person in turn has to say a word that is related to the first word....and so on. The first person to say a word that doesn't relate or can't think of a word...drinks.

- Jack - Social - Everyone drinks....everyone must say cheers and clink glasses before they drink or they drink twice.

- Queen - Girls drink - same rules apply as for the Jack.

- King - Guys drink - same rules apply as for the Jack and Queen.

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